Kings School Photo Scan


Scanning and Retouching and Printing service

If you have found your old school photo and it’s in poor repair, or if you want to share the image with old friends or even if you have your father/mothers photo that you’d like to have reprinted to give as a gift then myoldschoolphoto can help.

We’ll take your picture and scan it on our large flat bed scanners to get a great reproduction. We’ll then use our retouching skills to bring the picture back to life and smooth out any damaged areas. Then we’ll print it out on any format you’d like from large posters for school reunions to high quality paper for a gift or even
on a t-shirt.

This is a personal service so please click here and fill out our contact form to make an enquiry about prices.

Bring your Old School Photos to life

  • My Old School Photo Option 1: Framed

    Hi-Res Flatbed Scans

    Our professional high resolution flatbed scanner is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that allows us to scan even the largest of old school photograph.

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  • My Old School Photo Option 2: Mounted

    Retouching Images

    We can re-touch your images so they look like they did when they were first printed. Reducing imperfections across the image to ensure it looks its very best.

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  • My Old School Photo Option 3: Archive Tube


    To finalise the process, with the use of our large format digital printers, we can provide you with a black & white or colour print out of your old school photo.

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